The road data acquisition system MoSES – determination and accuracy of trajectory data gained with the Applanix POS / LV


System performance of the kinematic surveying system MoSES has been studied under excellent GPS coverage as well as with simulated GPS gaps of various lengths. The uncertainty of photogrammetric measurement alone has been proved to be less than 0.1 cm RMS. Finally, the accuracy of the survey system has been evaluated along a test loop on the university campus , representative of the typical Middle European environment, where GPS positions can be obtained for only 55% of the time travelled. The stereo cameras on the vehicle captured a large number of control points along the test loop. The resulting uncertainty for object determination is 0.3 m RMS for Northing and Easting and 0.5 m for height. The evaluation shows the quality of the trajectory obtained by an Applanix POS/LV and estimated with the Applanix POSPac software.


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