Recurrence of nasal polyps after surgical treatment.


Recurrence of nasal polyposis after polypectomy or ethmoidectomy was studied in 85 patients four years after surgery. The patients were classified into one of three groups according to clinical findings: an atopy group (history confirmed by skin test or nasal provocation), an acetylsalicylic acid intolerance (ASA) group (confirmed by provocation), or an "intrinsic" group (no specific diagnosis). The risk of recurrence was significantly greater in patients with ASA intolerance than in the other two patient groups; the frequency of reoperations during the follow-up period was significantly higher in the ASA group and the need for topical corticosteroid treatment had also been more frequent. Bronchial asthma was diagnosed in 40% of all patients. Asthma was significantly more often associated with ASA group (91%) vs 46% at AT and in only 16% at INTR group.


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